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FC-1500-BC-A Multistrength surface mounted door closer, supplied with parallelbracket. With adjustable backcheck ( power size 2 – 5):
FC-1500-DA-AL With adjustable delayed action:
FC-1600-BC-AL With adjustable backcheck (power size 1 – 6):
FC-525-AL Extra parallel bracket
FC-520-AL Replacement main arm extra parallel bracket
FC-521-AL Replacement fore arm extra parallel bracket
FC-1500-SP-AL Replacement slip plate extra parallel bracket
FC-1507-AL Flat drop bracket
FC-1500-15-AL Mounting bracket
FC-1500-16-A Packing block
FC-522-AL Hold open arm, friction type
FC-526-AL Parallel bracket for the above
FC-1500-102-AL Slide arm (with adjustable hold-open feature 470mm)