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TC9900 Universal Concealed Transom Closer

  • Simple solution door closer complementing the TC88OO
  • Offering the functionality of TC88OO
  • Universal replacement unit with fixings
  • Easy quick  installation
  • Replace closer without costly door modifications
Technical Information    
TC9900 Universal Closer Technical Information.pdf Download Technical & Specification Information
Technical Support    
TC9900 Technical Support.pdf Download Technical Support & Maintenance
Test / DOP Certificates    
Axim TC9900 Test Certificate.pdf Download Test Report - DDA Power Curves
Product Accessories  

TC-9900 Dummy body unit
TC-9900-03 Spacer bar
TC-9900-23 Closer bracket set

TC-9901-00 Size 1 No Hold
TC-9901-90 Size 1 Hold Open 90°
TC-9902-00 Size 2 No Hold
TC-9902-90 Size 2 Hold Open 90°
TC-9903-00 Size 3 No Hold
TC-9903-90 Size 3 Hold Open 90°