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LK1800 Hook Lock

The Axim LK1800 mortice hook lock provides the market with a quality product at an affordable price. LK1800 has been designed for narrow stile hollow metal doors. Hook locks provide security deadlocking for a variety of aluminium doors including swing and sliding applications.The LK1800 hook lock is a heavy duty dead lock to provide good security against the use of a tools which may try to part the door from the frame.The hook clasps the keep and the fixed brass bar under the hook is used to stop lifting the door and also acts as a guide for the lock to sit correctly.

  • Hook bolt is constructed in a 5 ply laminated construction, with the centre core case hardened, complete with hardened roll pin to resist hacksaw attack
  • Suitable for aluminium or steel door applications requiring double or single action, centre hung or offset
  • Available in 25mm, 30mm and 40mm backset options
  • Axim locks are designed to accept standard round and europrofile cylinders and come with a natural satin silver anodized faceplate
  • Steel case and mechanism are zinc coated to resist corrosion