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PR 7200 Series Full Width Panic Release

The Axim PR 7200 Series provides solutions which comply to both standards ensuring that, whatever the project type, specifiers can rely on Axim PR 7200 Series to supply the solution.

  • The Axim PR-7200 is a concealed, vertical rod panic exit device which secures the top and bottom of the door, except during the operating cycle when the rods are retracted with cylinder key or when touch bar is locked down with an Allen key (dogged).
  • The internal mechanism is manufactured from stainless and plated steel, with 8.5mm diameter steel operating rods that provide a 16mm bolt throw.
  • Optional external key access also available.
  • The Axim PR-7200 is a full width soft touch panic exit device.
  • Non-Handed.
  • The push bar is extruded aluminium in an anodised finish with coloured alloy end caps to match.
  • All mounting screws are concealed.
  • Available in 3 standard sizes PR-7200-36, PR-7200-42 & PR-7200-48 all of which can be cut to suit your required sizes.
  • Optional external key access.
  • The Axim PR7200 Full Width Series is compliant to BS EN 1125.
Test / DOP Certificates    
Axim PR7200 Declaration of Performance.pdf Download PR7200 Declaration of Performance - Double Doors - Axim010
PR7200 Panic Exit Test Report.pdf Download PR7200 Panic Exit Device Test Report BSEN 1125: 2008
Product Accessories  

Rim Cylinders:
RC-785-AL (46mm door stile thickness)
RC-789-AL (49mm door stile thickness)
RC-787-AL (54mm door stile thickness)
RC791-AL (67mm door stile thickness)

Mounting Pad with Locking Ring:

Locking Handle:
LH-720-AL (46mm – 67mm door stile