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LK-2100 Reversible Deadlatch – NEW

Axim LK-2100 Reversible Deadlatch

The new fully reversible Axim LK-2100 standard duty deadlatch range offers specifiers a cost effective non handed deadlatch. The Axim LK-2100 deadlatch allows installers to carry one stock item instead of two which equates to a reduction in stock levels therefore achieving cost savings. The Axim LK-2100 reversible deadlatch offers the flexibility of traffic control during and after business ours.

The Axim LK-2100 deadlatch features a fully non-handed reversible latch bolt. A reverse turn of the key while the bolt is held retracted retains the latch bolt in the case, allowing two-way traffic hich is ideal for use in busy commercial applications e.g. hospitals, banks, shops which may require free access and exit at certain times, and controlled access and free exit at other times.

The Axim LK-2100 deadlatch product is an ideal product to be used and specified alongside the Axim ES-2200 Electric Strike range offering a remote access control solution for doors. Axim’s innovative development solutions on the       LK-2100 Reversible deadlatch make the LK-2100 series a market leading product which now surpasses other leading brands.

Key points:

  • Fully reversible latch bolt without opening the deadlatch case
  • Will accept euro and round mortice cylinders
  • 3 Backsets available: 25mm, 28mm and 38mm
  • Strike plates are available to suit single and double door
  • Lower stock levels required – cost savings
  • The Axim LK-2100 deadlatch is an all metal case
    complete with the main latch body structure being
    constructed to prevent certain unauthorised case entry
  • The Axim LK-2100 deadlatch is available with either
    flat face or radius face faceplates that are ordered
    as separate items
  • A nylon insert is added to the latch bolt to prevent
    friction in operation
  • Anti thrust tab with hardened tip to prevent excessive wear
Product Accessories  

LK-2100-25-E Euro Profile Deadlatch Case (31/32” Backset)
LK-2100-28-E Euro Profile Deadlatch Case (1-1/8” Backset)
LK-2100-38-E Euro Profile Deadlatch Case (1-1/2” Backset)
LK-2100-25-R Screw in Cylinder Deadlatch Case
LK-2100-28-R Screw in Cylinder Deadlatch Case
LK-2100-38-R Screw in Cylinder Deadlatch Case
LK-2100-43 Axim Misc – Flat face plate
LK-2100-44 Axim Misc – Radius face plate
LK-2100-6515 48mm Strike for LK-2100 Reversible Deadlatch
LK-2100-7515 72mm Strike for LK-2100 Reversible Deadlatch
LK-2100-77 Fixing Tab Kit